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Florence Nightingale elevated the standards for nursing, bringing rigor, competence, and most importantly kindness to the field. Our namesake’s mission is our mission. She worked hard to make nursing a noble profession of compassionate and dedicated care, and we follow her example. The Nightingale’s workforce is committed to practicing our profession faithfully, and our goal is to improve the quality of care in as many homes across the state of South Carolina as we can. We do this by providing the best training to the best staff of South Carolina nurses and aides so we can deliver the best possible care to our clients. This is what Florence Nightingale believed in and we make it our mission to continue her vision as we strive to be South Carolina’s best in home care provider.

Nightingales Nursing
Camden, SC

Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendent Care Services is South Carolina’s leading at home nursing care provider. With locations in Greenville, Camden, Charleston, Florence and Myrtle Beach, Nightingale’s Nursing has a service area that covers most of South Carolina. We specialize in in-home care.

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